Brazilian Journal of Microbiology Brazilian Journal of Microbiology
Braz J Microbiol 2018;49:407-13 - Vol. 49 Num.2 DOI: 10.1016/j.bjm.2017.06.009
Clinical Microbiology
A new coumarin derivative, 4-acetatecoumarin, with antifungal activity and association study against Aspergillus spp.
Felipe Q.S. Guerraa,, , Rodrigo S.A. Araújob, Janiere P. Sousaa, Viviane A. Silvaa, Fillipe O. Pereirac, Francisco J.B. Mendonça-Juniorb, José M. Barbosa-Filhob, Julio Abrantes Pereiraa, Edeltrudes O. Limaa
a Universidade Federal da Paraíba, Departamento de ciências Farmacêuticas, João Pessoa, PB, Brazil
b Universidade Estadual da Paraíba, Departamento de Ciências Biológicas, João Pessoa, PB, Brazil
c Universidade Federal de Campina Grande, Centro de educação e saúde, Cuité, PB, Brazil
Received 21 June 2016, Accepted 30 June 2017

Fungal infections have become a concern for health professionals, and the emergence of resistant strains has been reported for all known classes of antifungal drugs. Among the fungi causing disease, we highlight those that belong to the genus Aspergillus. For these reasons, the search for new antifungals is important. This study examines the effects of a coumarin derivative, 4-acetatecoumarin (Cou-UMB16) both alone and together with antifungal drugs, and its mode of action against Aspergillus spp. Cou-UMB16 was tested to evaluate its effects on mycelia growth, and germination of Aspergillus spp. fungal conidia. We investigated its possible action on cell walls, on the cell membrane, and also the capacity of this coumarin derivative to enhance the activity of antifungal drugs. Our results suggest that Cou-UMB16 inhibits Aspergillus spp. virulence factors (mycelia growth and germination of conidia) and affects the structure of the fungal cell wall. When applying Cou-UMB16 in combination with azoles, both synergistic and additive effects were observed. This study concludes that Cou-UMB16 inhibits mycelial growth and spore germination, and that the activity is due to its action on the fungal cell wall, and that Cou-UMB16 could act as an antifungal modifier.

Coumarin, Antifungal activity, A. flavus, A. fumigatus, Mode of action
Braz J Microbiol 2018;49:407-13 - Vol. 49 Num.2 DOI: 10.1016/j.bjm.2017.06.009